To protect yourself from potential fraud please take the following precautions when purchasing a window cleaning round:


  • Request to be shown recent records and accounts pertaining to the round.
  • From the list of customers choose a few at random and ask to be introduced to these.
  • Put the business agreement in writing.
  • If the round value is high, ask for written references.
  • If at all possible work alongside the seller of the round during the hand over clean.
  • Do not leave a deposit until you have confirmed that the round is genuine.
  • It is recommended that you involve a solicitor for larger transactions.
  • Read the articleBuying and selling a window cleaning round


Report a suspicious round advertised

Window Cleaning Resources aim to do all we can to make this site as secure as possible. If you have dealings with a seller advertising work on this site and have suspicion that the round is not genuine, we would like to hear from you.

Send us an email stating the reason for your concern. Your email will be dealt with confidentially and may lead to the removal of the round in question from the site.


Disclaimer: We accept no responsibility for the consequences of any transactions made in conjunction with rounds advertised on this site.

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