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What that means for you...

Just starting up a window cleaning business?
Here you'll find ready to work window cleaning rounds in your area.

Why not post a wanted advert for a set of used window cleaning equipment - you may be surprised as to what bargains you can pick up!

Veteran window cleaner?
You probably have some old but usable window cleaning kit that you don't use anymore sitting in the shed.

Why not turn it into cash and sell it in this unique window cleaners marketplace?

Expanding your business?
You are probably looking to take on extra work, upgrade to a new van mount water fed pole system or to find new staff?

Here it's easy to find window cleaning work to add on to your existing round, sell your old pure water system and you can even post a wanted advert to find new employees for your window cleaning business.

Things get sold pretty fast on here so check out new ads daily to avoid missing out!
Remember, Premium members get notified as soon as new adverts are posted.

Window Cleaning Rounds For Sale

Window Cleaning Rounds For Sale

Window Cleaning Rounds Wanted

Vehicles and Equipment For Sale

Vehicles and Equipment Wanted

Find or Provide Window Cleaning Work


If you are thinking of starting up in business as a window cleaner we recommend that you visit www.windowcleaningresources.co.uk where you will find lots of valuable information and advice as well as useful contacts within the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does my subscription last for?

Your subscription lasts until you decide to cancel your membership. Each payment received gives you 1 months access to the site. Even if you cancel before the 1 month period finishes you will still have access until the end of the period paid for.



Will I be billed automatically?

Yes, you will be billed automatically on a recurring basis every month unless you cancel your subscription beforehand.



How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel a subscription up until the day of the next scheduled payment. Remember, this cancels all future scheduled payments for that subscription. (You can also find these details on the confirmation email PayPal send you when you set up the subscription).

Here's how to do it:

1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click Profile at the top of the page.
3. Click My Money from click Update beside My preapproved payments to find your payment.
4. Select the payment, and then click Cancel.


Why have I not received any login information?

The login information is automatically sent to the email address linked to the PayPal account used for the subscription payment. Therefore you will need to check the email address that you use with PayPal. If it appears that the password has not been received then check the spam (junk mail) folder. Failing that, check that the spelling of the email address on your PayPal account is correct. An incorrect email address will mean that you will not receive the email. Enter your email address in the Forgotten Password link to resend the password. If the address is not recognised then it means that either the email address is not the same one as used to subscribe, the email address has been spelt incorrectly or the account is no longer active.



Can I receive email notifications of new adverts posted?

Yes. If you opt for a PREMIUM Membership then when you login you can go to Account Settings and turn on and off email notification of new adverts posted on the site.



How do I edit/remove my advert?

You cannot edit an advert once uploaded but you can delete it and resubmit the advert with the new details. This has the advantage that your advert will appear at the top of the page again.



How do I mark a round or item as SOLD?

To mark an item or round as SOLD, login and go to Account Settings. Any adverts you have listed will appear there. You can then mark the advert as SOLD or remove it completely.



Can I place more than one advert?

Yes, you can place as many different adverts as you wish. However, multiple identical adverts are not allowed. You will need to submit each advert separately.



What can I advertise on the site?

There are 5 different sections of the site.

·         Window Cleaning Rounds For Sale (Advertise established window cleaning rounds. Vehicles and set up can be included or advertised separately in the Vehicles and Equipment For Sale section).

·         Window Cleaning Rounds Wanted (Advertise that you are looking to buy a window cleaning round. Note: This service is only available to Full Members).

·         Vehicles and Equipment For Sale (Advertise new or used water fed pole systems, traditional equipment, vehicles etc.).  

·         Vehicles and Equipment Wanted (Advertise that you are looking to buy a vehicle or equipment. Note: This service is only available to Full Members).  

·         Find or Provide Window Cleaning Work (Offer your services as a subcontractor, door to door canvasser or telesales person, offer work to other window cleaners on a subcontract basis, find rounds to rent or find someone to rent your round. Place job vacancies or announce your availability as a window cleaner on an employed basis).


How many people are likely to see my advert?

Each day the site www.windowcleaningroundforsale.co.uk is visited by over 500 different individuals. Only members who pay to subscribe will see your contact details meaning that you will not be bombarded by spam mail as a result of posting your email address and you will only receive interest from those that have paid to subscribe, thus demonstrating a measure of serious interest.



www.windowcleaningroundforsale.co.uk is regularly visited by thousands of window cleaners each month.
If you are a supplier to the trade and would like to advertise your company on this site please contact us

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